Propeller Repair


Eliminate Vibration / Increase Performance and Speed

The highest accuracy repair and modifications


On Time Delivery


Our production staff is all cross trained and our scheduling is fully flexible with overtime added as needed as well second shift capability.


Inboard Propellers


Every inboard propeller FJ reconditions is done using the MRI with ISO class 1 as the standard  tolerance.  When very high accuracy is required, Class S is our standard tolerance.


There are 5 Hale MRI’s in use in Fort Lauderdale and all locations have at least 1Hale MRI as well.  Our Hale MRI Capability is up to 65” diameter propellers


We use a Pro-Bal computerized hard bearing dynamic balancing machine


All inboard propellers with cup are cupped using specific cup gauges (1 thru 12) and the size is stamped on the propeller and kept in our records



Surfacing Propellers


We not only specify, design and manufacture High Performance Surfacing propellers,  We are the most expert in the industry when it comes to repairs and modifications.


Pod Drive propellers


As a distributor for Mercury Marine,  ZF and Volvo we are not only one of the largest sellers of Zues and IPS propellers, we are the leader in the industry and have the most extensive experience in repairing, re-pitching and modifying them.


Outboard Propellers


We have over 200 specific pitch blocks for outboard propellers.  Each pitch block is an exact fit to a master propeller provided by the propeller manufacturer, including all blade geometry and even cupping.  These are especially important when repairing badly damaged or advanced geometry type propellers.


We have 2 vibratory polishing machines.  Our reconditioned stainless steel propellers are polished to look better than new.  We also can polish other parts for you, just ask.





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